Strip Zits Tools


Strip Zit hose skiving tools are the globally recognized, patented tool for quickly and cleanly skiving many types of hydraulic hose. Developed with ease of operator use in mind, they’re tough and inexpensive hand tools for your growing hydraulic service business. We offer various common hose diameter mandrels and variable skive length capability.

Internal & External Skive


Spencer Manufacturing’s external Strip Zit tool is a compact, easy to use hose skiver with a patented design that makes a clean hose skive consistently. You can adjust the depth of skive by loosening the adjustment post set screws and tool post set screw to allow the skive blade to meet the hose at an optimal attack angle. You can also attach a manual crank handle, hex adapter, or electric motor chuck to the base for versatile operation in any service environment.

At the present time, we don’t sell Strip Zits online, so look over the dimensional information and call us or email us for quotes on your price and delivery availability. All Strip Zit tools are stocked as components and built to order. Typical lead times are 5-7 working days from time of order. External Strip Zit tools come in a wide variety of sizes accomodating a multitude of hose widths and skive lengths.



Spencer Manufacturing stands by every tool we sell by offering all the necessary accessories and replacement parts to keep your Strip Zit tool collection a profitable part of your business. Whether it’s electric skive motors, stop collars, or replacement blades, we’re your single source for all things “Strip Zit.”


Strip Zit manual crank handles provide the best way to skive hose for most applications. They thread onto the base of the external and internal Strip Zit tools and have a locknut on the threaded end to hold the tool securely.

SZ107          External Handle Assembly

SZ107-01    Internal Handle Assembly

Power Skiving Motors

The Strip Zit motors come in three varieties. They are all 120V AC electric motors and are a great choice for production hose shops where speed is a necessity.

SZ118          Motor, 1/4hp, 60rpm

SZ118-05    Motor, 1/2hp, 90rpm

SZ118-06    Motor, 1/2hp, 135rpm


The Powerdapter fits onto the Electric Skive Motor’s output shaft. The Hex Adapter is a popular choice when using an electric drill to skive hose. You can also use a ratchet or any other hand tool that accepts sockets. Both Adapters thread into the base of the Strip Zit tool and are zinc plated.

SZ112          Hex Drive Adapter

SZ112-01    Powerdapter Assembly

Cutting Blades

Strip Zit blades are a necessary replacement item for our tools. For optimum hose skiving you need to have sharp blades. We always keep a generous stock of blades for both External and Internal Strip Zit tools.

SZ106/-01          External Blade RH or LH

SZ117-00/-01    Internal Blade -12/-16

SZ117-02/-03    Internal Blade -20,24/-32


Spencer Manufacturing can provide you with stop sleeve bushings when custom skive lengths become an issue. Certain hose manufacturers have different skive lengths for different applications and these stop sleeves add value to your initial Strip Zit tool purchase.

SZ111                           Stove Sleeve Kit

(one of each item)

SZ111-(06 to D32A)   Stop Sleve

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If you are interested in our StripZits or accessories, contact us to learn more about what each item costs.