Mark 4-DSL

Diesel GSE Heater

Airflow Up to 4,500 cfm
BTU Per Hour  555,000
Temp. Rise  125-140 F

Caterpillar C2.2, 4 cylinder diesel

Engine rpm settings  1,100 to 2,800 rpm
Horsepower  51
Fuel Capacity 50 US gallons, 190 liters
Physical Dimensions   

65”H X 48” W X 115”L

Shipping Weight 3,700 lbs

For applications requiring diesel or Jet-A, the Spencer Mark 4- DSL Diesel Coldbuster will deliver hot air at 125-140 degrees F above ambient in sub-zero climates.Powered by a 4 cylinder Caterpillar diesel engine, the DSL can produce up to 550,000 BTU’s at 4,500 cfm. Our new “VariFlo” control allows maximum heat at low air flow outputs.


The newer lean burn technology along with our exhaust heat ex- changers and balanced engine loading have been combined to produce a diesel heater that will not smoke and contaminate the clean air produced by the heater. This machine runs hot and clean.


The Mark 4-DSL uses the “turbo- dynamic” heat exchanger technology we developed for the Mark 4-900 gasoline model. That model serviced an A-380 at 75N latitude in –40F temperature.

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