The Spencer Slitter remains the ‘Cadillac’ of conveyor belt slitters


The Spencer BeltSlitter is the belting industry’s most powerful, durable, and cost effective machine for cutting all types of conveyor belt. Outperforming any competitor, the 12k, 24k, and 36k models accomodate any job, making your company more productive overnight. Take a look at our new 18k Beltmaster, priced right for lower volume belt distributors and manufacturers.

12k BeltSlitter


Standard electrical power is 240/480 VAC, 60 Hz, three-phase main power for economy and 24 VDC control power for safety.

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24k and 36k Beltslitters


Unsurpassed in quality and durability, available options, standard safety features and low maintenance in an economical “One Person Operator” machine are all trademarks of the Spencer Slitter.

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Belt Winders


For winding up the belt, the Spencer line of Belt Winders are capable of handling the belt once it’s been slit and cut. We offer fixed shop, mobile shop, and gas powered mobile field units.¬†Winder models available range from a 5k 48″ model to a 30k 96″ model.

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Belt Slitter Parts


We provide parts for all our Slitter and Winder models, such as knives, core bars, cylinders, couplers, and all electronic parts – photo eyes, micro switches and controls.