Belt Winder

Premium Belt Winder

Standard Features include:
  • Maximum belt weight
  • Thickness of belt
  • Maximum roll width and diameter
  • Maximum torque or line pull require

For winding up the belt, the Spencer line of Belt Winders are capable of handling the belt once it’s been slit and cut. We offer fixed shop, mobile shop, and gas powered mobile field units. Winder models available range from a 5k 48″ model to a 30k 96″ model.


 Our patented features like the quick release drive chuck, swing out gear boxes make it the easiest to operate and quickest to change belt. Field units can be built with separate skid for the controls and power unit. They come with tie down eyes on the frame skid, as well as fork tubes and lifting eyes to move the belt winder. An optional manual counter can be added near the idler roll. Our standared winder is electiric/hydraulic. The hydraulic drive system consists of either one or two core bar drive motor/gearbox assemblies. We use a pressure compensated piston pump with complete hydraulic direction/speed controls, along with a self contained hydraulic system

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