Fully Automated Mark IV-900 GSE Heater

Air Pressure

20 inches of water (maximum)

Outflow Air Temp

130—140 F

Engine RPM

Idle to 2,800 rpm max

Engine Coolant Temp

Maintain below 210 F

Fuel Capacity

50 US gallons

BTU Per Hour


The heater has a cold start function that will heat the unit up as fast as possible, and once at operating temperature, will produce constant output duct air of 130 F. The unit automatically adjusts to all plane sizes, maintaining Air Pressure to a maximum of 20 inches of water.


The System monitors vital engine temperatures such as coolant and oil, ensuring the unit’s engine does not overheat. By automatically controlling the “Variflow” air damper and the engine’s rpms CALISTA automatically produces the ideal output air temperature at the ideal airpressure.


The days of constantly monitoring your heater, and making ongoing adjustments because of varying daily temperatures and sizes of airplanes are now over.

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