12k Belt Slitter

Entry Level Belt Slitter

Standard Features include:
  • manually adjustable infeed belt fence
  • fixed blade knife mounted on a movable tool bar
  • hydraulic-powered lift system and side shift system on both infeed and outfeed arms
  • ball screw belt cut off system
  • hydraulic-powered core bars and table roller drives


Options Available Include:
  • Powered Infeed Belt Fence
  • Infeed/Outfeed Automatic Side Shift
  • Auxiliary Rewind
  • Electronic length counter
  • Core bars – Solid and hollow bars available from 2″ to 6″

The entry level Spencer 12k BeltSlitter has many of the options available on the 24k and 36k models and is available in 72″, 84″, 96″, and 120″ widths. Standard electrical power is 240/480 VAC, 60 Hz, three-phase main power for economy and 24 VDC control power for safety. The standard safety system raises the pinch rolls any time the protective beam is broken. The Spencer BeltSlitters are build in 3 modular sections for easy shipping on a single flatbed trailer and installation with a forklift.


The Spencer Manufacturing BeltSlitter is the finest slitter on the market. Our patented features like the quick release drive chuck, swing out gear boxes and automatic side shift make it the easiest machine on the market to operate and the quickest to change belt. By spending more today to get the finest, you will save every day for the next 20 years in improved productivity, accurate cuts, and fewer man hours to get the job done.

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